Why and how you use 3MF today

And what can we do to improve the 3MF specification?

3MF Questionnaire

The 3MF file format is an open-source universal specification designed to streamline the additive manufacturing process. Unlike legacy file formats that often result in interoperability issues and data loss, 3MF encapsulates comprehensive information about a 3D model, including geometry, color, and material, in a single, compact file.

Developed and maintained by the 3MF Consortium, this open-source format aims to establish a new standard for 3D printing, thereby enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use across various software and hardware platforms.

The 3MF Consortium members are interested in understanding the specific advantages you gain from utilizing the 3MF file format in your additive manufacturing processes. How does it integrate into your workflow, and what sets it apart from other file formats you have experience with?

We are keen to identify areas where the 3MF file format could be further optimized to better suit your requirements.

If you are not currently using 3MF, we would also like to understand why (and here are some reasons why you might try 3MF).

Your insights will be invaluable to the 3MF Consortium members responsible for developing and refining the specification.

Please take a moment to complete our brief questionnaire to provide us with this critical feedback to improve the 3MF file format.

Do you currently use 3MF in your AM workflow (required)

How important is file size in your choice of 3D printing file format? (required)

What 3MF components do you currently use?

Join the 3MF Consortium

If you or your organization are considering contributing to the development of the 3MF specification, we invite you to join the 3MF Consortium as either a steering or associate member. Your involvement will provide you with the opportunity to influence the trajectory of future advancements, thereby shaping the additive manufacturing industry according to your vision.

Benefits of 3MF Associate Members include:

  • Early access to specification changes
  • An online repository for communication with all consortium participants
  • Ability to use the 3MF logo on products and website
  • Listing on the 3MF public website and marketing material
  • Opportunities to join 3MF’s presence at industry events (e.g., product showcases)
  • Participate in webinars and more.

Reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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