AM Software Landscape report questionnaire

We are seeking feedback into whether there is interest in a report on software for additive manufacturing, from design through manufacture.

The aim of the report is to provide up to date information on software for additive and advanced manufacturing so users can make informed decisions about what software might meet their requirements from an objective, and agnostic source.

We would like to understand what areas of the digital thread from design to manufacture there is interest in covering, and whether there is a preference for a static, annual report or a subscription to continuously updated data about the software and other relevant information.

Please fill out your interest and we will use this information to assess whether there is sufficient interest, and what areas of focus would be of value.

All answers will be used internally for research only and will not be shared or published without prior written approval.

If we proceed with the project we will reach out in advance to keep you informed of progress.

Thanks for your time and interest.

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Would you prefer a static, annual report or annual subscription with up to date data?

Would there be an interest in additional consulting to discuss specific information that might not readily fit into a report format?

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