The Additive Manufacturing software landscape is increasing in breadth and complexity with all major CAD vendors and many smaller companies offering software targeted at the AM space from initial design, through optimization, simulation, print preparation, manufacturing and execution.

Navigating all of this complexity in a quickly evolving space can be difficult and time consuming, parsing marketing claims to find unbiased information against the reality of engineering in often highly regulated industries, and integration into existing manufacturing workflows.

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With that in mind we are seeking feedback as to whether there is interest in an AM Software Report that covers as much as possible in the AM digital thread, from design to execution.

We are at the very early stages of exploring whether there is an interest in a static annual report, or a subscription of up to date information on current capabilities, not projections or prediction of future market trends. Or not at all.

If you are interested in a report, or providing feedback fill out the (very short) questionnaire to let us know what information would be of value to you.